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"like 'Saurolophus'""


Fast Facts

DIET : Herbivore

LENGTH : 11.0 Meters

WEIGHT : 3500 KG

ERA : Late Cretaceous

FOUND IN : Canada, The United States


The Parasaurolophus

Parasaurolophus was a relatively bulky dinosaur and is often depicted as standing upright on its two thick muscular back legs with a thick pointed tail and oval-shaped body. Parasaurolophus had a long narrow head with large eyes on a mid-length neck, a hard beak and a narrow snout with pebbly textured skin and uniform tubercle-like scales.

Parasaurolophus is most recognizable by its large and elaborate cranial crest that researchers believe could have measured as long as 6 1/2 feet long.


This dino’s name means “like Saurolophus,” which is another crested dinosaur.
But it turns out these two aren’t that similar: Saurolophus’s headgear was solid;
Parasaurolophus’s crest was hollow. So experts believe they used them for different reasons.